How to identify fake cosmetics


Recently, 80% of cosmetics purchased online are fake. This news has attracted many netizens' attention. The report quoted a number of people in the industry as saying that a large part of the products sold by many e-businesses are high imitation products. At present, the industrial chain of high imitation cosmetics from production to sales has been very mature. And many genuine cosmetics are also diluted, a bottle can be diluted into several bottles for sale.

Due to the deep "water" of online shopping cosmetics, some netizens launched a survey, and 80% of netizens said they would no longer buy cosmetics online. But online shopping cosmetics really need to be cost-effective. You can't give up because of choking, because "water" is deep enough to give up online shopping. Learning to identify fake and shoddy products is the last word.

1. Workmanship

No matter how exquisite the imitation is, its workmanship must be different from the authentic one. It just depends on whether we are careful or not. Some cosmetics, such as facial cleanser, need to be extruded. If the whole product is puffy, the chances of imitation are relatively large.

2. Look at the printing

If the edges of the printing are not neat, the chances of imitation are relatively large. For example, Lancome's products are very delicate, and the roses on the hard packaging lids and bottles are convex and not printed.

3. Smell

General genuine skin care products, taste very small, very natural, elegant fragrance, long, elegant and fresh, give people a relaxed and happy enjoyment. Imitating the smell of the goods is thicker, more fragrant, the smell of a kind of inferior perfume. This product is more likely to imitated goods.

4. Security code

Anti counterfeiting telephone inquiry, mobile phone inquiry, CIQ and other things are all made by imitation manufacturers themselves.

5. Sealing standard

Many times, in order to save costs, fake products are replaced by foam or other things like opening and sealing.

6. Product standard number

When shopping cosmetics online, you can ask the seller the product standard number of the corresponding goods, and then we will go to the website of the Ministry of health to query. If the result does not correspond to the seller's goods, then the goods are fake.

Terms related to online shopping cosmetics

Genuine is genuine, but it may be parallel or licensed. Parallel products are also genuine, but there is no tariff, no Chinese instructions. For example, if you bring back a bottle of DIOR cream from abroad, it is sold cheaper in the country, and this price can be cheaper than smuggled goods. Licensed goods refer to genuine goods imported from regular channels, paid customs duties, passed national inspection, and have Chinese instructions. Hong Kong, China or foreign counter purchasing refers to the special help for consumers to buy at the Hong Kong, China counter or purchasing agent shop, with small ticket and direct purchasing fee.