Five opportunities for local cosmetics


China's cosmetics industry has entered a stage of full competition. The competition between enterprises is no longer point-to-point or face-to-face competition, but has evolved into a comprehensive and three-dimensional competition. However, under the same risks, weaknesses and pressures of multinational companies, we are not without opportunities.

Industrial combination and interdisciplinary penetration.

In recent years, medicine, a problem-solving discipline, is playing an increasingly important role in the field of cosmetics, not only in the professional line, but also in the daily chemical line. The main reason for this phenomenon is that at present, the mutual penetration among medicine, beauty (professional line) and daily chemical line is becoming stronger and stronger. In addition to interdisciplinary, professional line and daily chemical line product penetration will also bring a lot of opportunities to enterprises.

Consumers' purchase behavior changes. According to the data analysis provided by cmms2004, a new generation market monitoring organization, China market and media research, it is found that obvious changes have taken place in the consumption of cosmetics by Chinese consumers. This change is mainly reflected in three aspects: first, consumers have more and more rich consumption experience and perceptual knowledge of cosmetic products; second, consumers pay more and more attention to the feelings brought by brands when choosing cosmetics; third, the change of consumption environment leads to the shortening of product life cycle.

New business opportunities in emerging markets. The so-called emerging markets with new business opportunities should at least have the following two conditions: first, the market demand is strong and the growth rate is very large; second, the products that enterprises can provide in the market are obviously insufficient in quantity and selectivity. In this way, when a large number of funds enter, a high profit emerging market will gradually form. Industry experts believe that in the next few years, the cosmetics market for children and the elderly is expected to become an emerging market in the cosmetics industry.

New understanding of sales channels. The huge consumer base of China's second and third tier market determines that it is a market that can not be ignored. At present, the collective channel of multinational companies is sinking. Industry experts believe that the secondary and tertiary market will still be the survival base of local brands in the future. In addition to the price advantage and channel advantage, we should create new advantages to keep our position. At the same time, the purchasing channels of big cities are changing. Direct selling, monopoly, e-commerce and other new channels are quietly expanding their influence.

New raw material breakthrough. At present, the new cosmetics raw materials represented by biological agents, bioactive extracts and natural plant additives have replaced the raw materials extracted from animals and become the mainstream of research and development of global cosmetics manufacturers. Industry experts believe that in terms of science and technology, there is no real Chinese herbal cosmetics in China. But the concept of Chinese herbal medicine is undoubtedly the easiest breakthrough we can find in terms of raw materials. If the content of science and technology can be improved, it is possible that the concept of Chinese herbal medicine will become the mainstream concept in the world in ten years.